Ricardo partners with Tongyuan to add new Modelica solver to Ricardo Software toolset

22 March 2021

MWorks, a mathematical solver used to translate and simulate models, has been integrated with Ricardo Software tool to provide faster model-based development and analysis of complex systems

In today's market, manufacturers are faced with shorter times to introduce new vehicle models, increased complexities in powertrain design and fewer available resources. With faster than real-time simulation, IGNITE provides virtual models for all phases of the development process. Users can simulate a wide range of applications including, vehicle performance, drivability, thermal management and fuel cell systems.  MWorks, which understands and is fully compliant with the Modelica language, translates and simulates models created in IGNITE, allowing for the key analysis of the systems.

The integration of MWorks enables a significant reduction in compilation time, with the common model simulation process being reduced from the order of minutes to seconds. The integration of the new solver also enables IGNITE plant models to be exported to the ETAS environment, meaning models can be linked to the testing and validation of the control systems using the real hardware. The virtual testing supports finding the issues sooner in the process, shortening the development process required to deliver products to market.

Kim Matenchuck, Managing Director of Ricardo Software said: "As a leading Modelica compiler provider, Tongyuan brings not only a wealth of expertise, but also rapid implementation. Ricardo Software's focus is on helping our customers to speed up their processes without compromising on quality. This integration will enable manufacturers to work more efficiently and with confidence."

Fanli ZHOU, CEO of Tongyuan, said: "With 12 years of continuous R&D and engineering iterations, Tongyuan has developped MWorks software and Modelica kernel compiler and solver, which fully support Modelica Language Specification, and have leading compilation and operation efficiency. Ricardo software has a century-old history, as an industry leader with rich professional knowledge and experience in automotive. The cooperation between MWorks and IGNITE is a model of the combination with Tongyuan's excellent compiler solver and leading industry application software."

The new functionality will be available in IGNITE as part of the 2021.1 release, available from 8 April 2021.


MWorks session.