SABR - duty cycle assessment and hybrid power flows

SABR can assess multiple load path regimes defined by time, torque and speed inputs. The seamless set-up of complex load paths, including dual clutch and hybrids, across any number of gear sets can be modelled and the analysis includes effects of any back driven components.

The method of data input is straightforward with a graphical representation of the transmission clearly showing the proposed load path from any number of power sources.  The duty cycle and gear geometries can be exported to GEAR to allow representative gear design and life optimisation.

Key features

  • Ability to enter as many loading regimes as required
  • Simple graphical interface enabling precise and fast data entry
  • Screen click activated load path definition
  • Hybrid power flows with any number of power sources
  • Constraints-based speed and torque calculation
  • Direct duty cycle export with gear geometry
  • Duty cycle import from .csv format
  • Duty cycle compression into smaller number of load and speed bins