Accelerate CAE software implementation and effectiveness

Realis Simulation’s Application Engineering service assists clients with on-boarding and leveraging Ricardo Software tools, to ensure maximum return on their investment. Our experienced powertrain engineers help customers improve deployment of CAE tools through process development, custom training and real-world application on scalable engineering projects.

The benefits of this service are substantial. Our approach goes beyond the conventional model of customer software evaluation and user training.  We work closely with clients to define project objectives, teach analysis techniques and accelerate successful application of Realis Simulation formerly Ricardo Software products.

With a global team of engineers located in the USA, Asia and Europe, our combined staff has over 80 years of consulting experience and over 60 years in OEM environments. Ricardo’s 100-year history enriches this background, as it is ideally placed to provide additional highly trained and experienced engineers that can further demonstrate technical consulting applications specifically using Realis Simulation tools.

Typical client engagements include:

  • Kick-starter engineering services: Accelerate the adoption and increase the return on investment of our tools within your company. With the help of our engineering experts, we assist with customizing model libraries, teaching new methods, developing custom analysis processes and establishing efficient workflows with custom scripts and templates
  • Engineering project services: Our engineering experts demonstrate the features and usability of our software on client projects.  This type of engineering service provides both an excellent demonstration of Realis Simulation tools and real-world analysis to assess and improve your designs
  • Funded development: Fast-track your research and CAE concepts by taking advantage of Realis Simulation’s funded development programme. Armed with your concepts and our development expertise, Realis Simulation can ensure your ideas are realized. With product releases scheduled on a biannual basis, we rapidly implement, test and release new features
  • Customized training workshops: Our training workshops enable customers to maximize effectiveness and value for specific software solutions. We offer regional classes as well as customized on-site training, based on client needs

For more information on Application Engineering services not listed above, please contact