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Support Engineer

Support Engineer


About the company

Realis Simulation is a trusted partner to the world's leading transport manufacturers, OEMs, and Tier 1 suppliers. We enable rapid software modelling of new propulsion fuels and technologies, supporting the journey to net zero emissions. Our simulations provide results which enhance transportation development at a time when engineering resources are tighter than ever before. The suite of leading-edge simulation tools facilitates design and optimisation programmes as we transition into the future whether that be New Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines, Hybridisation, Electrification or Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology.

Job Summary

We are looking for a talented Support Engineer to join our team in Japan. This exciting opportunity involves focusing on computational fluid dynamics simulations, primarily catering to internal combustion engine analysis. As a Support Engineer, you will be responsible for providing exceptional technical assistance for our products, VECTIS, and WAVE. We also highly value candidates with proficiency in English due to our international client base.

Main responsibilities

  • Offer expert technical support to clients utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for internal combustion engine analysis, employing our cutting-edge Ricardo software products - VECTIS and WAVE.

  • Resolve complex technical issues and inquiries related to the software, ensuring clients' successful implementation and utilization of the tools.

  • Collaborate closely with the development and product teams, playing a key role in identifying and addressing software bugs, as well as suggesting enhancements and new features to meet customer needs.

  • Conduct training sessions and workshops to educate clients on best practices, advanced simulation techniques, and the efficient usage of our software products.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in computational fluid dynamics, internal combustion engines, and related technologies, bringing innovative solutions to our clients' challenges.

  • Demonstrate expertise in competitor products such as GT Power, Converge CFD, and Star CCM+, allowing you to provide insights and comparisons during customer interactions.

  • Work collaboratively with the sales team, providing technical support and delivering compelling demonstrations for potential customers during pre-sales engagements.


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or a related field, emphasizing computational fluid dynamics.

  • Proven experience in conducting 1D or 3D Fluid dynamics simulations, particularly in the context of internal combustion engines.

  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Realis Simulation products, VECTIS, and WAVE would be ideal or familiarity with competitor products such as GT-Power, Converge CFD, and Star CCM+ is advantageous.

  • Excellent command of English, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate with our diverse international clientele.

  • Proficiency in other CFD software and relevant tools, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of numerical methods and analysis techniques.

  • Strong problem-solving skills, enabling you to diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues efficiently.

  • A passion for innovation, continuous learning, and staying updated on industry trends and advancements.

What will you get when you join us?

Join our dynamic team in Japan and be at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge CFD solutions to clients within the automotive industry and beyond. Realis Simulation offers a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and a collaborative work environment that fosters growth and professional development.

If you have the expertise in computational fluid dynamics and are excited about making a difference in the field of internal combustion engine simulations, along with excellent English skills, we encourage you to apply. Please submit your updated resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience to

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team!