Ricardo Software announces new thermal analysis offering

29 June 2021

Ricardo Software has released a high-speed analytical finite element (FE) tool for calculating thermal boundary conditions and metal temperature of engine components​.

The heat generated by internal combustion engines can have a significant effect upon both the performance of the system and its structural integrity. As such, accurate information for the temperature distribution throughout a powertrain structure is vital for the successful analysis of many key aspects in engine design. Discovering unacceptable operating temperatures at the prototype stage is not only costly but could impact on the time scales for delivering a design.

Ricardo Software has developed an accurate and fast thermal analysis tool to significantly reduce product development time. The new dedicated software tool performs predictive thermal solutions for the power cylinder with minimal inputs and without the need for full 3D combustion simulation. Users will benefit from a reliable and accurate tool that operates in timescales that enable it to be utilised at both the concept and prototype phases.

With the deadlines of government legislations such as Euro 7 moving ever closer, manufacturers are freeing up resources to invest in electric vehicles (EV), meaning reduced resources for internal combustion engine development in terms of both workforce and financial backing. Yet internal combustion engines still have a very viable future. The majority of UK passenger car registrations are still petrol or diesel. Hybrid vehicles (HEVs) are also a competitive technology, requiring the design of a smaller IC engine to support the electric motor.

The new thermal analysis capability forms part of Ricardo Software's complete power cylinder toolset that allows users to solve complex in-cylinder behaviour. The new functionality will be available as part of the 2021.2 release, available from 30 June 2021.