Key solutions

Realis Simulation, formerly Ricardo Software, is the trusted technology partner to the world’s leading transport OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, supporting their journey to zero tailpipe emissions with a balanced portfolio of technology solutions. Our leading-edge tools and solutions facilitate design and optimisation as we transition into the future, whether that be ICE with new fuels, hybridisation, full electrification or fuel cell technology.

ICE solutions

Realis Simulation’s proven portfolio is ideally suited for delivering efficient ICE using new fuels for net-zero and a sustainable future.

  • Fuels: E-fuels, Hydrogen, & Alternative fuels
  • Fuel injection system (FIE) > Wall film
  • Emissions
  • Fuel economy, cost, complexity
  • Gas flow systems: 1D/3D co-simulation, & Intake / exhaust development
  • Thermal analysis solutions: Unique FE thermal solution for the power-cylinder, Water and oil cooling, & Piston jet cooling
  • Durability Solutions: High and low cycle fatigue, Power-unit and crankshaft, Piston and bearing wear, & Ring-pack design
  • Mechanical NVH: Structural-borne noise, & Radiated noise
  • Lubricant oil consumption: Steady-state and transient
  • Friction solutions: Concept – predictive friction, & Component – bearing, valvetrain, piston

Electrification and hybridisation solutions

Realis Simulation’s portfolio already offers capabilities to address e-motors, batteries and transmissions for xEV vehicles and fleets:

  • Complete vehicle/vessel simulation system: Platforms and hardware specification
  • Subsystem engineering and integration assessment: Thermal management, & Drivetrain integration
  • Detailed component modelling and assessment: Battery thermal modelling, Electric motor cooling system modelling, & Mechanical systems for xEVs

Fuel cell technology solutions

Realis Simulation’s fuel cell modelling capability allows assessment of best system architecture for given performance requirements while sizing the components to achieve the improved stack and system efficiency​:

  • 1D fuel cell system model enables optimisation to find perfectly sized balance of plant components integrated with the powertrain and the vehicle​: 1D model validated against published data for a FC vehicle driving over the US06 drive cycle
  • Modelica library containing all components for fuel cell systems modelling​: Fuel cell stack, Cathode and anode side components, Controllers/electrical, Sensors and actuators, & Media
  • Model validation: Model calibration, Vehicle simulation, Post-processing and analysis

To discuss how our products and solutions for ICE, electrification and hybridisation, e-fuels and hydrogen fuel cell technology can help your product planning, contact us.

Realis Simulation families

Fluid Dynamics

Our 1D engine performance tool runs faster than real-time can be used for not only engine system optimisation but virtual calibration.

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Structural Mechanics

The essential suite to design, analyse and optimise mechanical systems in terms of friction, durability and NVH.

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Systems Engineering

Systems engineering with comprehensive automotive application-specific Modelica libraries analysing the impact of sub-systems interactions.

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Application Engineering Service

Through our Application Engineering Service, we assist our clients with on-boarding and leveraging Realis Simulation tools, to ensure maximum return on their investment. We work closely with clients to define project objectives, teach analysis techniques and accelerate successful application of Ricardo Software products. Our experienced powertrain engineers help our clients improve deployment of CAE tools through process development, custom training and real-world application on scalable engineering projects.

Find out more about our Application Engineering Service.