SABR - gear design

SABR's transmission assessment capabilities are further enhanced by the integrated gear-design tool - GEAR.  This powerful tool enables experienced and non-experienced users to define initial gear sizes, parallel axis gears, optimise gear geometry and determine the effect of misalignment on the life of the gear.

With additional training, the integrated gear-design tool can be used to solely design the optimisation and manufacturing gear geometries needed.

Key features

  • Input of gear misalignments to GEAR from SABR calculations based on shaft, bearing and gear body deflections.
  • Gear life rating to ISO6336 standard, including effect of calculated gear misalignment
  • Integral fast Realis Simulation formerly Ricardo Software Gear Life method for concepting
  • Powerful optimiser allowing the design of ideal geometry and balanced life gears while achieving needed NVH factors
  • Visual representations of key design attributes and clearances
  • Direct import and export interface to SABR
  • Detailed duty cycle function allowing multiple loading regimes to be analysed to assess cumulative damage
  • Export of gear forms, loads and misalignments to specialised gear Micro Geometry software