SABR - shaft design and analysis

From single-section shafts for initial concept sizing to complex multi-node arrangements for full and detailed system analysis, SABR allows users to model transmission shafts quickly and efficiently.

SABR automatically calculates stress-concentration factors, which can include oil holes, circlip grooves and fillet radii at diameter steps.  The effect of bores and tapered shaft arrangements can be modelled by updating a sectional view of the shaft.  Detailed output of the shaft analysis is given for deflections as well as the key stresses, including torsional,  shear and von Mises.

Key features

  • Fast data input through intuitive and interactive 3D graphical interface
  • Ability to assess all levels of shaft complexity
  • Graphs of bending moment, shear force, torque application and axial force 
  • Force directions for quick and easy understanding of loading regime
  • Numerical and graphical results showing principal tensile and compressive stress, bending, axial, torsional and shear stresses
  • 3D visualisation of shaft and gear deflections