WAVE - 1D/3D CFD co-simulation

WAVE is capable of co-simulation with Realis Simulation formerly Ricardo Software's 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code, VECTIS, or various third-party CFD codes including STAR-CD®, Star-CCM+®, Fluent® and Fire®.

Key features

  • A three-stage coupling approach allows for quick convergence:
    • Stage I: the 1D model runs to convergence
    • StageII: converged 1D boundary conditions are applied to the 3D CFD model and the CFD model is run to convergence
    • Stage III: the 1D and 3D CFD models run fully coupled
  • Open interface enables linking to supported commercial or user-developed CFD tools
  • Fully-integrated 1D/3D CFD co-simulation with WAVE3D:
    • Import complex 3D geometry in WaveMesher for 1D and 3D mesh creation
    • VECTIS-based parallel CFD solver
    • Automatic linking of 1D/3D flow boundaries
    • Advanced 3D post-processing