WAVE - engine performance

WAVE is used throughout the engine design process because it is the ideal tool for things such as improving volumetric efficiency, designing complex boosting systems, improving transient response or extracting the maximum performance from a race engine.

Key features

  • Advanced diesel and spark ignition (SI) combustion models
  • Steady-state or transient prediction capability
  • Actuation and control of a large range of parameters
  • Map-based simulation
  • Built-in DOE and optimisation tools
  • Turbocharging and supercharging
  • Mapless turbo to target boost and pressure-ratios
  • Variable or fixed-geometry turbocharges with internal wastegate
  • Twin-scroll turbochargers
  • Reverse-flow compressor with improved surge-line operation
  • Series and parallel connection of turbos
  • Intercoolers and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers: 
  • Controlled outlet temperature via effectiveness map
  • Controlled pressure drops versus flow rate
  • Advanced structural thermal model enabling proper engine warm-up simulation
  • Engine out emission prediction models