WAVE Publications

Available WAVE publications

  • Streamlining the Process of Developing Intake and Using an Improved Linear Simulation Approach (SAE 2014-01-2062)

  • Linear Acoustic Modelling using 1-D Flow Systems which represent Complex 3-D Components (SAE 2011-01-1524)

  • Implementing Detailed Chemistry and In-Cylinder Stratification into 0 / 1-D IC Engine Cycle Simulation Tools¬†(SAE 2011-01-0849)

  • Real-Time Crank-Resolved Engine Simulation for Testing New Engine Management Systems (SAE 2008-01-1006)

  • Crankcase Flow Modeling for a Racing Motorcycle Engine (SAE 2007-01-0266)

  • Modelling and Experimental investigations of Supercharged HCCI Engines (SAE 2006-01-0634)

  • A Hybrid 2-Zone/Wave Engine Combustion Model for Simulating Combustion Instabilities During Dilute Operation (SAE 2005-01-3801)

  • A Modeling Investigation into the Optimal Intake and Exhaust Valve Event Duration and Timing for a HCCI Engine (SAE 2005-01-3746)

  • Flow Excited Noise Analysis of Exhaust (SAE 2005-01-2352)

  • Passive Exhaust System With Cylinder Deactivation (SAE 2005-01-2351)

  • Characteristics of HCCI Engine Operating in the Negative-Valve-Overlap Mode (SAE 2005-01-2133)

  • Modelling of HCCI Engines: Comparison of Single-Zone, Multi-Zone and Test Data (SAE 2005-01-2123)

  • A Coupled 1D/3D Simulation for the Flow Behavior Inside a Close-Coupled Catalytic Converter (SAE 2003-01-1875)

  • Design of Experiment - Application of a Statistical Evaluation Method to Optimize the Tailpipe Noise of An Exhaust System (SAE 2003-01-1655)

  • A Parametric Study of HCCI Combustion--The Sources of Emissions At Low Loads and the Effects of GDI Fuel Injection (SAE 2003-01-0752)