University teaching and research license request

As part of our commitment to supporting the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students of today, to be the engineering innovation leaders of tomorrow, we are proud offer universities worldwide a range of cost-effective licensing options to use our simulation software for teaching and research purposes*. These include academic license packages for research groups and classroom settings ranging from 5 to 50+ seats for all products. A limited amount of technical support is available, with the scope evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Our available simulation software includes:

Fluid Dynamics

The Fluid Dynamics suite is a comprehensive range of tools for 1D and 3D CFD simulation of liquid and gas flow. Enabling optimisation, calibration and detailed combustion and thermal analysis to model ICE behaviour across a range of fuel types.

Structural Mechanics

The Structural Mechanics suite for designing, analysing and optimising mechanical systems in terms of friction, durability and NVH. Our range of specialised tools provides detailed analyses of dynamic behaviour of engine and transmission components.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering toolset for analysing the behaviour of sub-systems and the impact of design choices on overall system performance. Our comprehensive automotive libraries provide in-depth modelling of vehicle sub-systems and their interactions.

*If the university is using Realis Simulation software for any published academic articles, marketing or press releases, we request that the usage of Realis Simulation tools is acknowledged.

To apply for an academic license then please as Central Contact please fill out the form and send an electronically completed copy of the MLA to for review by Realis Simulation.

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