Ricardo Software 2020.2

The 2020.2 release from Ricardo Software is now available including updates to a range of our software products.

A series of advanced new features will deliver for you class-leading real time solutions delivering improved accuracy, usability and efficiency ultimately to reduce emissions and meet the challenges of vehicle hybridisation and electrification. Get more details below.

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NOTE: You must update Ricardo License Manager to version 11.15 to use Ricardo Software 2020.2
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Fluid Dynamics

Ricardo research and development continues to push the boundaries on internal combustion engine modelling. Accurate modelling of combustion processes and detailed chemical kinetics remains our focus as we drive to reduce emissions across all engine sectors whilst also continuing to deliver class-leading real time solutions.

This release includes several improvements in accuracy and usability of combustion modelling in VECTIS including higher accuracy of spark ignition modelling for large engines, faster simulations and new detailed kinetics tools.

Real time NOx emissions, a new knock detection model and improved sensing of the lambda response, along with various workflow improvements and combined with usability improvements to WAVE mean that WAVE-RT remains at the forefront of delivering real time solutions for SIL and HIL applications.

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Structural Mechanics

The 2020.2 release sees various updates to the Transmission Solution delivered with 2020.1 to further improve usability and the general workflow.

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Systems Engineering

In response to increasing demand for low-carbon technologies and to meet the challenges of vehicle hybridisation and electrification VECTIS and IGNITE now provide solutions for optimising battery systems considering detailed heat exchange and battery degradation due to usage and storage.

New IGNITE models related to gear shift modelling and control, combined with duty cycle customisation and improvements related to modelling driveline efficiency mean the system engineer can arrive at optimal driveline solutions for conventional and hybrid applications.

New IGNITE vehicle components and an updated centrifugal clutch model further enhance IGNITE capability of modelling motorcycle applications.

The new ThermoFluids library delivered with 2020.2 means that IGNITE is now capable of sizing components for typical engine lubrication circuits.

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