Ricardo Software 2020.3

The 2020.3 release from Ricardo Software is now available including updates to a range of our software products.

A series of advanced new features will deliver for you class-leading real time solutions delivering improved accuracy, usability and efficiency ultimately to reduce emissions and meet the challenges of vehicle hybridisation and electrification.

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NOTE: You must update Ricardo License Manager to version 11.15 to use Ricardo Software 2020.3.
How to download License Manager v11.15

Fluid Dynamics

To ensure WAVE-RT remains at the forefront of delivering real time solutions for SIL and HIL applications, this release sees a new Ricardo developed calibration tool. This reduces tuning time from 5 days to 2 days with a single WAVE-RT licence and can be reduced to as little as 2 hours when running in parallel.

Ricardo research and development continues to push the boundaries on internal combustion engine modelling. This release includes several improvements in accuracy and usability of combustion and thermal modelling in VECTIS.

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Structural Mechanics

In response to increasing demand for low-carbon technologies and to meet the challenges of vehicle hybridisation and electrification, mechanical loading maps as used by the EMOTOR object can now be imported from ANSYS Maxwell and JMAG-Designer.

Further updates focus on usability, making both execution of functions and understanding of outputs easier.

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Systems Engineering

IGNITE 2020.3 sees an extension to the battery model which includes the increase of internal resistances as the battery ages. This enables better prediction for battery life and degradation and for more accurate prediction of thermal management and vehicle performance.

Multi-dimensional maps are also now available as a separate editor for use by products across the Ricardo Software suite.

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