Ricardo Software 2022.1

The 2022.1 release from Ricardo Software is now available to download. Customers can benefit from a range of new features and enhancements that will further help to improve accuracy, whilst reducing time spent on development.

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Structural Mechanics

Original Equipment Manufacturers are challenged to reduce the carbon footprint of the internal combustion engine, and reduce its friction and oil consumption while also reducing cost. To achieve that, they need a toolset which delivers optimal designs resulting in reduced development testing and cost. With this release transient solutions can be performed using RINGPAK enabling you easily to identify problems due to ring pack dynamics, that may only occur during a transient, allowing the engineer to reduce oil consumption and tail pipe emissions.

2021 saw the release of FEARCE-Vulcan delivering thermal solutions for the internal combustion engine. Based on user feedback, this release delivers usability improvements to this unique industry-leading solution, whilst also reducing solution times by a factor of two.

The CAD manipulation tool, released in 2021.2, has been extended to allow users to quickly generate finite-element (FE) meshes using a dedicated easy-to-use interface, applicable to all structural mechanics workflows.

SABR now links to Gleeson’s GEMS and Dontyne Systems’ Machine Centre, enabling seamless workflows with these commercial tools, reducing time to market.

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Fluid Dynamics

The drive to design better, more environmentally friendly engines places increasing emphasis on fast calibration of real-time models with accurate predictive combustion models. In this release, we are building on the powerful RT tuner delivered in 2021.3 to enable running the tuner on High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, to deliver real-time engine plant models quickly within a virtual product development workflow.

With the continuing development of efuels by Ricardo and others, this release of VECTIS features improvements related to the Ricardo Detailed Direct Kinetics (R2DK) combustion modelling approach, to support these developments.

The fully coupled CHT VECTIS solver is the ideal tool for thermal analysis of complex EV battery packs, where the efficiency of the cooling system drives both durability and optimal performance. In this release we have introduced a number of features aiming to simplify the set-up and execution of battery pack cooling analyses.

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Systems Engineering

In today's market, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce tailpipe emissions produced by ICE powertrains. Building on many years of Ricardo's expertise in emission after-treatment modelling, Ricardo Software is proud to announce an exhaust after-treatment library included in IGNITE that allows you to reduce tailpipe emission tailpipe emissions for a net-zero future, using detailed 1-D predictive models.

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