Formula SAE racing grants

Currently, Realis Simulation sponsors nearly 200 Formula SAE (FSAE) and similar student-competition teams and provides more than 1,000 licenses worldwide. Dedicated to promoting careers in STEM through applied learning, Realis Simulation offers free-of-charge licensing to FSAE teams.

We offer free access to the following products:

  • WAVE – Realis Simulation's class-leading engine performance simulation software is used by almost 100% of our sponsored FSAE teams
  • VECTIS – after having experience with WAVE, many teams add our 3D CFD tool, for detailed flow analysis in manifolds
  • VALDYN – designed specifically for valvetrain and drive-system analysis, experienced teams look to focus in on mechanical systems
  • IGNITE – teams competing in hybrid and electric competitions use full-vehicle-system simulation in order to better analyse vehicle performance, fuel consumption and energy flow analysis

Request a grant for your FSAE team – complete and return the grant request form.

Please note that we have currently opened graduates’ positions in most of our departments. To find out more please go to: our careers page.



Choosing a STEM career focus without much experience or exposure can be intimidating, but as Mitchell Fink, Virginia Tech Motorsport Engine team member, pointed out when using Ricardo Software, now Realis Simulation:

“Students looking into the engineering field should strive to be hands-on. Ricardo Software’s WAVE was the first software simulation tool I used to model engines and, because of that hands-on experience, I have advanced my education in mechanical engineering and am prepared for a career in the automotive industry. I never would have chosen an automotive career path without FSAE and Ricardo Software.”