Academic grants

University teaching and research grants

Dedicated to promoting careers in STEM through applied learning, Realis Simulation offers cost effective academic licensing grants to students and institutions worldwide. We’re interested and invested in creating the engineers of the future, and we’re proud to offer a cost effective academic licensing programme in order for students and researchers to gain hands-on software experience.

We offer a five-seat academic license package, for research groups and classroom settings ranging from 5 to 50+ seats, which includes a limited amount of technical support.

Formula SAE racing

Dedicated to promoting careers in STEM through applied learning, the academic license options are also suitable for FSAE racing teams and have been used extensively world-wide. The following products have been used extensively by universities around the world:

  • WAVE - Realis Simulation's class-leading engine performance simulation software is used by almost 100% of our sponsored FSAE teams
  • VECTIS - after having experience with WAVE, many teams add our 3D CFD tool, for detailed flow analysis in manifolds
  • VALDYN - designed specifically for valvetrain and drive-system analysis, experienced teams look to focus in on mechanical systems
  • IGNITE - teams competing in hybrid and electric competitions use full-vehicle-system simulation in order to better analyse vehicle performance, fuel consumption and energy flow analysis



Choosing a STEM career focus without much experience or exposure can be intimidating, but as Mitchell Fink, Virginia Tech Motorsport Engine team member, pointed out when using Ricardo Software, now Realis Simulation:

“Students looking into the engineering field should strive to be hands-on. Ricardo Software’s WAVE was the first software simulation tool I used to model engines and, because of that hands-on experience, I have advanced my education in mechanical engineering and am prepared for a career in the automotive industry. I never would have chosen an automotive career path without FSAE and Ricardo Software.”

If you are interested in joining our team we encourage graduates to apply. To find out more please go to our careers page.