Ricardo Software 2021.1

The 2021.1 release from Ricardo Software is now available to download. Customers can now benefit from a wide range of new features and enhancements that will further help to improve accuracy, whilst reducing time spent on development.

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Fluid Dynamics

Our leading 1D predictive plant model benefits from a range of intuitive and easy to use developments which improve accuracy and further reduce the time to build. The new automated instrumentation tool for WAVE and WAVE-RT enables the creation of sensors and actuators by simply importing a defined list from an Excel spreadsheet, which can be quickly connected using the intuitive setup wizard.

To ensure WAVE remains at the forefront of 1-D acoustic analysis, 2021.1 also includes two major improvements to acoustic modelling including the addition of real white noise and ground reflection models.​

Updates to VECTIS focus on usability, productivity and solution speed including extended use of restart options, greater use of cloud files for complex problems and use of solver templates.

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Structural Mechanics

Thermal analysis is crucial for improving performance, efficiency and reliability. Users can now benefit from more accurate thermal predictions with the updates available in FEARCE. Capabilities now include nucleate boiling correction and heat flux balance plots.

SABR now has the option of using FEARCE to calculate gear body deflections. A single button press runs the model in FEARCE and imports the results back into SABR. Tooth contact analysis is also enhanced allowing the calculation of flash temperatures on the gears. to evaluate gear scuffing.

Other updates focus on usability and productivity, in particular the use of modal contributions factors by ENGDYN and VALDYN for use in FEARCE for NVH and durability analysis.

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Systems Engineering

To support customers with today's demands of increasing complex powertrain design and shorter timeframes, Ricardo Software is pleased to announce the integration of a brand-new solver. Customers will now benefit from a significant reduction in compilation time and the ability to export IGNITE plant models to the ETAS environment. Read more about the integration here.

The new solver implementation has enabled several other new functional features, such as exporting the FMU model with external resources, live plots, and an automated parametric sweep.

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