PISDYN - piston dynamics

PISDYN is used to calculate secondary motions of piston assembly by solving forces and moments of the piston/liner system. The tool enables users to understand how these elements interact with lubrication of component interfaces throughout the engine cycle.

The lubrication model includes the effects of hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication, as well as the elasticity of the piston skirt, cylinder liner, piston pin and connecting rod. PISDYN also allows for a full hierarchy of solution levels, from rigid through compliant to fully dynamic components, and from dry through partially flooded to fully flooded oil-supply zones.

Key features

  • Mass-conserving elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication model
  • Boundary lubrication model
  • Average flow model (flow coefficients)
  • Dry, partially and fully flooded oil-supply options
  • Rigid, compliant and dynamic models of piston, liner, pin and connecting rod
  • Predicting lubricated extend and cavitated regions
  • Modelling lubricated and unlubricated zones and cut-outs
  • Bore distortion and bore gas pressure deformation
  • Piston skirt thermal, inertial and gas pressure deformation
  • Bearings profiles and deformations
  • Piston crown lands, skirt and bore profiles
  • Spatial varying viscosity
  • Crown lands contact model
  • Simplified top-ring model
  • Animated results on piston skirt, cylinder liner, wristpin bearings and crown lands
  • Complete cycle results plot
  • Cylinder-block analysis