PISDYN Publications

Available PISDYN Publications

  • Piston Design for Optimizing Trade-off of Friction and NVH (SAE 2016-01-1855)

  • Tribological Behavior of Low Viscosity Lubricants in the Piston to Bore Zone of a Modern Spark Ignition Engine (SAE 2014-01-2859)

  • Effect of Design and Operational Parameters of Piston Skirt on the Performance and Efficiency of a Small Gasoline Engine (SAE 2014-01-2016)

  • The Influence of Piston Secondary Motion in the Liner Cavitation Occurance (SAE 2008-01-1193)

  • How to Predict Piston Slap-Noise Using 3D Piston Motion Simulation (SAE 2007-01-1245)

  • Piston Assembly Friction Losses - Comparison of Measured and Predicted Data (SAE 2006-01-0426)

  • A Comprehensive Piston Skirt Lubrication Model Using a Mass Conserving EHL Algorithm (SAE 2005-01-1640)

  • Modelling of Piston-Cylinder Lubrication with a Flexible Skirt and Cylinder Wall (SAE 2000-01-2804)

  • An Integrated Design Analysis Methodology to Address Piston Tribologogical Issues (SAE Paper No. 930793, 1993)

  • Simulation of Secondary Dynamics of Articulated and Conventional Piston Assemblies (SAE Paper No. 920484, 1992)

  • A Comprehensive Model of Piston Skirt Lubrication (SAE Paper No. 920483, 1992)