VALDYN - valvetrain design

VALDYN delivers a kinematic and dynamic solution to effectively generate and analyse valvetrain design including geometry, camshaft profile and valve-spring design.

VALDYN Kinematics caters to the design and kinematic analysis of valvetrain systems. Using a building-block approach, VALDYN Kinematics provides users with a library of select standard and unconventional valve trains. All valvetrain types can be analysed including linearly translating and swinging followers with or without a push rod and rocker system. VALDYN Kinematics can be used to assess an existing cam design or to generate a cam profile using the Realis Simulation formerly Ricardo Software ‘Multipol’ method or a general spline method. A number of methods of spring pack design are available to allow combined optimisation with camshaft profile design. VALDYN Kinematics produces comprehensive outputs to enable spring/cam design to be assessed, including cam contact Hertzian stress, oil film thickness, cam wear, spring cover, spring stress and spring natural frequency.

Data can easily be transferred to VALDYN Dynamics for assessment of the design in the context of the timing drive and to assess dynamic aspects such as spring surge, valve seating velocity and valve bounce.

Key features

  • Building-block approach to model construction
  • Caters for novel systems
  • Tribological analysis from kinematic and dynamic standpoints
  • Detailed spring model including coil clash
  • Dynamic analysis in the context of the complete engine
  • Advanced spline methods for cam design
  • Arbitrary shaped swinging cam follower
  • Spring pack natural frequency
  • Elliptical and ovate spring modelling with accurate stress and fatigue outputs