VECTIS - coupled 1D/3D analysis

VECTIS is fully integrated with WAVE, Realis Simulation’s 1D gas dynamics software, allowing 1D/3D-coupled analyses to be performed effortlessly. In addition, VECTIS can be used in conjunction with many other 1D packages.

Coupled 1D-3D simulations using VECTIS facilitate the development of intake runner systems. Users can investigate ways of improving mixing, and reducing cylinder-to-cylinder variations in air/fuel ratios and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The location of EGR pipes and their design can be determined and the dynamics of the intake system can be optimised.

This analysis approach can also be used on exhaust components. Exhaust runner lengths and catalyst cone designs can be investigated and lambda sensor locations can be determined.

Key features

  • A streamlined set up for VECTIS and WAVE co-simulation
  • Co-simulation with moving mesh in-cylinder, conjugate heat transfer and radiation calculations
  • Co-simulation with other 1D codes such as GT-Power®