VECTIS - in-cylinder analysis

VECTIS is used extensively in engine design because of the ease at which moving-boundary, in-cylinder models can be created.

In-cylinder calculations can be performed to investigate the effect of parameters such as air-fuel ratio (AFR), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), injection characteristics, valve size and lift profile, spray targeting, intake swirl or tumble, combustion chamber shape and bowl design have on combustion and emissions.

Key features

  • Moving boundary and automatic meshing techniques provide easy set-up
  • Rapid simulation turnaround allows maximum input to the design process
  • Advanced spray and wall-film models
  • Accounts for detailed chemistry through tabulation
  • Auto-ignition and spark ignition models
  • Realis Simulation Two-Zone Flamelet combustion model for pre-mixed and non-premixed turbulent combustion