FEARCE - Solution and post processing

FEARCE is not just a pre-processing tool, but also contains its own linear solver. Ideal for thermal analysis, the solver has been benchmarked and proven to be as accurate as and faster than the major third-party alternatives. The solver can also be used for a range of other solutions including displacement prediction, stress prediction, modal contribution, forced response analysis, eigenvalue calculation and model reduction.

FEARCE includes a large number of post-processing tools, many of which have been developed for the specific needs of powertrain and vehicle analysis.

Linear analysis

For linear analysis, load-case results can be combined and factored to create more complex conditions – this can also include calculations to account for the improvement of bolt loads in an assembly.

Non-linear analysis

In non-linear solutions analysis, nodal stress and strain histories can be identified and plotted.

Powertrain analysis

For powertrain analysis, FEARCE can perform bore-, bearing- and valve-distortion calculations, and produce suitable plots of deformations, harmonics, alignment and ring conformability.

Vehicle analysis

For vehicle analysis, FEARCE can carry out design sensitivity analyses, perform quick checks for model assurance and provide transient difference plots between models undergoing crash analysis.

FEARCE also provides extensive durability and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) modules suitable for any type of analysis.

Key features

  • Built-in linear solver
  • Solution set-up for any major third-party finite element (FE) package
  • Large range of post-processing tools
  • Load-case combination and factoring
  • Stress and strain history plotting
  • Thermocouple and strain-gauge predictions
  • Bore-, bearing- and valve-distortion plots
  • Design sensitivity analysis
  • Durability calculations