IGNITE - Emissions aftertreatment systems modelling

IGNITE contains a comprehensive library of 1-D emissions aftertreatment models. It enables users to predict the tailpipe emissions of various engine exhaust system configurations. Hence it also helps to evaluate the impact of the vehicle-level control on the desired emission reduction. The simulation time for predicting vehicle tailpipe emissions for a single simulation experiment is typically completed in about 20 minutes over the WLTC cycle corresponding to 30 mins (1800 sec), faster than real-time.

Emissions aftertreatment modelling

Key features

The Modelica library contains a comprehensive suite of 1-D emission aftertreatment models:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Particle filters
  • Heat transfer including ambient boundary conditions
  • Exhaust fluid and materials
  • Secondary air intake and catalyst heat-up
  • Link to the powertrain library for drive cycle simulations
  • Exhaust thermal modelling
  • Drive cycle aftertreatment modelling