IGNITE - Fuel cell library

IGNITE is capable of modelling fuel cell systems; allowing quick investigation of different control strategies for the balance of plant. Using a Fuel Cell Systems library, the user can quickly investigate different control strategies, including humidity control, cooling and specification of ancillaries especially the sizing the components to give the required performance. The easy to use toolset provides engineers with the capability to tackle the challenge of balancing the fuel cell stack, without requiring specific fuel cell expertise and knowledge.

Duty-cycle simulation

Key features

The Modelica library contains all the components relevant to the fuel cell systems modelling for typical fuel cell electric vehicle simulations:

  • Cathode side - compressor, intercooler, humidifier
  • Anode side - hydrogen tank, recirculation blow, pressure control valves
  • Thermal - pumps, heat exchangers and thermostat
  • Controllers and sensors
  • Fluid media (hydrogen, water, glycol, air)