IGNITE - complete vehicle system modeling

IGNITE is used for system-level modelling of all major vehicle sub-systems. The built-in powertrain library from Realis Simulation provides years of specialist knowledge for complete vehicle system modelling of conventional, hybrid, electric and novel vehicle architectures. IGNITE delivers adjustable component fidelity for vehicle modelling – from initial concept to detailed powertrain integration.

Key features

  • Ability to model entire vehicle from a system-level perspective using only IGNITE libraries (including every major sub-system)
  • Model virtually any vehicle architecture using built-in predefined library components 
  • Rich collection of predefined examples to accelerate the model build, making it suitable for use by people who are not experts in sub-systems
  • Optimise vehicle by modelling interdependent operations for each vehicle sub-system 
  • Driveline plant models perfectly fit the control strategy development using Matlab/Simulink
  • Built-in component models include:
    • Transmission shift strategy
    • Smart hybrid controller model
    • Torque converter lock/unlock strategy
    • Configurable clutch launch and shift control