IGNITE - performance prediction

IGNITE is used to predict vehicle performance, fuel consumption and emissions over any operation duty or drive cycle – standard or custom routes. The Realis Simulation powertrain library is equipped with a driver model and other vehicle system controllers, which enables users to accurately explore the impact of different technologies, such as hybridisation, on vehicle behaviour. Additionally, the model can be exported to HEEDS design/optimisation toolbox to minimise fuel and energy consumption while maintaining specified performance requirements and constraints.

Key features

  • Simulation speeds up to 100+ times faster than real-time
  • Analyse fuel consumption, performance and energy distribution predictions without investing in hardware and prototype vehicles
  • Standard legislative drive cycles included within the Realis Simulation powertrain library
  • Technology selection and component sizing to maximise vehicle performance and efficiency
  • Virtual verification of technology to achieve fleet objectives and goals
  • Couple with WAVE and WAVE-RT for transient engine performance within a full vehicle model (versus steady-state design points)
  • Predicting real-world fuel consumption driving custom routes