ENGDYN - bearing analysis

ENGDYN directly couples the crankshaft and cylinder-block dynamics with the bearing oil film to allow the user to perform a range of analyses to aid bearing design. ENGDYN incorporates a hierarchy of solution methods, from the industry standard mobility method through to more rigorous hydrodynamic (HD) and elastohydrodynamic (EHD) models. Whether early in a programme, when only concept-level models are available, or when detailed studies are required, ENGDYN provides the tools for the engineer to assess bearing performance.

Specific bearing applications

  • Bearing-type selection
  • Bearing durability
  • Friction and mass-flow calculations
  • Load transfer to powertrain

Key features

  • Direct coupling of crankshaft and crankcase dynamics with bearing
  • Mass-conserving hydrodynamic-lubrication modelling
  • Boundary lubrication modelling¬†
  • Thermal-balance modelling
  • Viscosity-pressure and viscosity-temperature dependence
  • Compressible flow to include effect of oil aeration