ENGDYN Publications

Available ENGDYN publications

  • Advanced Analysis Techniques for NVH and Sound Quality Improvement (SAE 2016-01-1787)

  • 4 Versus 8 Counterweights for a I4 Gasoline Engine Crankshaft - Measurements of Vibration and Bearing Wear, (SAE 2009-01-1938)

  • 4 Versus 8 Counterweights for an I4 Gasoline Engine Crankshaft - Analytical Comparison, (SAE 2008-01-0088)

  • Design and Analysis of a Lightweight Crankshaft for a Racing Motorcycle Engine, (SAE 2007-01-0265)

  • Achieving Diesel Vehicle Appeal - Part 2: Powertrain NVH Perspective, (SAE 2005-01-2489)

  • Reducing Crank Rumble Using Transfer Path Analysis to Assess Engine Modifications, (SAE Paper No. 2003-01-1428)

  • Journal Bearing Analysis in Engines Using Simulation Techniques, (SAE 2003-01-0245)

  • Influence of Crankshaft Material and Design of the NVH Characteristics of a Modern, Aluminum Block, V-6 Engine,  (SAE 1999-01-1225)