IGNITE - vehicle handling and tyre performance applications

The new Realis Simulation IMoved library provides users with a set of vehicle components, fully defined in 3D, for vehicle handling and tyre performance simulations. The library includes components such as tyres, axles, differential and road definitions.

Key features and applications

  • Driveline design for driver comfort and vehicle handling
  • Vehicle response to the hydraulic braking circuit
  • Lap optimisation
  • Double lane change and maximal lateral acceleration
  • Torque vectoring analysis
  • Stability driving over road bumps and surfaces with different levels of friction
  • Driveline loads for the hill climbsing scenarios
  • Suspensions elasto-kinematics
  • Connection to Realis Simulation formerly Ricardo Software Powertrain library to study the impact of transmission design and control on the overall vehicle drivability
  • Automated generation of 3D animations when the simulation is completed