SABR - micro geometry definition and assessment

GEAR offers a seamless integration to Ohio State University GEARLab – Load Distribution Program (LDP4) and to Dontyne’s Load Analysis Model.  These calculate the deformation of gear tooth components and their effects on properties such as stress and transmission error under load.  With this integration, the gearbox design process is significantly enhanced - taking the designer from design layout, through gearbox and gear macro geometry analysis to assessing the effects of misalignments and micro-geometry on transmission error, surface contact stress, flash temperatures and lubricant film thicknesses.

For any number of load cases, SABR calculates the misalignments and passes these to GEAR for macro geometry gear design and rating.  All duty cycle, macro geometry and misalignment information can then be integrated into the micro geometry load analysis model for detailed tooth contact analysis.

GEAR also includes a built in microgeometry, transmission error and contact stress analysis, allowing the design and rating of the gear pair’s microgeometry.

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